December Meeting Summary

Posted by John Mello on December 10, 2012

December 6, 2012 meeting summary and presentation materials.


  • John Mello gave a presentation entitled “Intro to PowerShell’s Pipeline, Part 1”.
  • A copy of his slide deck and code examples are available here.

Script Club

  • John R. Nahrgang and Lido Paglia presented a work in progress script that returns all the members of the Local Administrators Group on a filtered list of Active Directory PCs.
  • A copy of the script is available here.

Various other information worth mentioning.

  • In response to last month’s script club, Carl Larson submitted a script that splits an Active Directory users’ distinguishedName into an array and then put’s it back together so that you can get the Parent OU.
  • This script is meant as a jumping off point for John Mello’s expressed difficulty trying to pull a user name from a full Active Directory path.
  • A copy of the script is available here.