September Meeting with Mike F. Robbins

Posted by Lido Paglia on August 11, 2013

Please join us Thursday, September 5th when Mike F. Robbins will be joining us via Lync to present on Using CIM Cmdlets and CIM Sessions.

Years ago, needing something as simple as the serial number from a remote server often meant that administrators had to resort to making a trip to the remote location. Even back in those days, some administrators were savvy enough to query WMI with third party programs or scripting languages such as VBScript to retrieve this information. Although, querying WMI was kind of like black magic back in those days and it was often simply easier to travel to the remote site or spend the money to purchase a third party product that could make retrieving this type of information easier for an average administrator.

Now theres PowerShell. PowerShell empowers an average skill-set administrator to be able to retrieve this type of information and just about anything else they want to know about their servers by querying WMI, and best of all, PowerShell is free and pre-installed on all modern versions of Windows. During this session, well compare the differences in the legacy WMI cmdlets and the new CIM cmdlets.

Well discuss the methods that were available for querying WMI with PowerShell version 2, along with some of the obstacles youre likely to encounter when trying to retrieve information from WMI on remote servers when using PowerShell version 2. Then well move onto demonstrating how much easier and efficient the CIM cmdlets in PowerShell version 3 have made querying WMI. Anyone who followed me and my scripts during this years scripting games knows that I Im a big fan of the CIM cmdlets.

Mike F Robbins is a Senior Systems Engineer with almost 20 years of professional experience as an IT Pro. During his career, Mike has provided enterprise computing solutions for educational, financial, healthcare, and manufacturing customers. Hes a PowerShell Enthusiast who uses PowerShell on a daily basis to administer Windows Server, Hyper-V, SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, Terminal Services, EqualLogic Storage Area Networks, AppAssure, and Backup Exec. Mike is the winner of the advanced category in the 2013 Scripting Games. He has written guest blog articles for the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog,, PowerShell Magazine, and a chapter in the PowerShell Deep Dives book. Mike is also the leader and co-founder of the Mississippi PowerShell User Group. He blogs at and can be found on twitter @mikefrobbins.

Following Mike’s presentation we’ll break for a Script-n-Tell session where members are encouraged to share a script or two they’re working on with the group. This can be anything from a useful one-liner to a function or full on module. Maybe you found a neat way to tackle a problem at work or perhaps you’re looking for some constructive feedback on your script. Either way, bring a script or two and show the group what you’re working on.

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