Meeting Announcement for February 5th, 2015

Presentation and demo by ScriptRock, makers of GuardRail

Posted by Lido Paglia on January 24, 2015

Join us Thursday, February 5th for a presentation and demo by ScriptRock, makers of GuardRail. Nick Beecroft, Mike Baukes, and/or Alan Sharp-Paul will join us remotely to showcase configuration monitoring, control, and automation leveraging DSC with GuardRail.

What do you have? Is it good?

As you accelerate your pipeline with PowerShell, you need a validation tool that can keep up. GuardRail is a configuration visibility platform that makes it easy to understand how an environment is configured so you know the changes that are happening are the right ones.

In this session we walk through using GuardRail to troubleshoot a cluster suffering from configuration drift, create a test suite to validate changes going forward, and generate the DSC files to assert those changes.

About ScriptRock
ScriptRock makes GuardRail, the configuration monitoring platform for data centers, cloud apps, and network devices. GuardRail gives your team visibility into the configuration of every environment from development to production to reduce lead time for change, recover more quickly, close security gaps, and automate effectively.

You can follow ScriptRock on Twitter or subscribe to the ScriptRock blog.

Please register if you plan to attend in person or to receive the meeting URL to join us remotely.

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