Meeting Announcement for June 2nd, 2016

Posted by John Mello on May 16, 2016

Join us on Thursday, June 2nd when Microsoft MVP and first ever Honorary Scripting Guy Sean Kearney will give a talk entitled Introduction to Server 2016 Nano Server TP5

About Sean Kearney

A long time ago in a Cmdlet far far away… there was this guy, who sang about PowerShell”

Sean is a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP whose main Axe is Windows PowerShell. He is also on Honorary Scripting Guy and regular contributor to the “Hey Scripting Guys” Blog site on Microsoft having also written six unique Holiday Specials about Windows PowerShell.

Often seen with PowerShell Polly at his side, he delights in trying to make life a little better for others through automation. Unfortunately, he sings (badly) so we can’t forgive him for that.

He is presently a Senior Solutions Architect at Cistel Technology, a Gold Partner in Ottawa, Ontario.

Yes… he also dreams one day of working for Microsoft… sigh

Please register if you plan to attend in person or to receive the meeting URL to join us remotely.

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