August 2016 Meeting Summary

'Windows PowerShell DSC Implementation Best Practices' by Timothy Warner

Posted by John Mello on August 15, 2016

Timothy Warner gave a presentation entitled “Windows PowerShell DSC Implementation Best Practices”. A copy of his demo scripts and presentation are available at his website, with a secondary copy hosted on our GitHub site.

We finally fixed our recording issues! A recording of this meeting has been posted to our YouTube channel. We are still working on recovering the recordings of our June 2016 and July 2016 meetings, but we are not sure we will be successful.

During the meeting one of our group members asked why the WMF5 LCMConfigurationNames property is an array when it only takes one value.


Tim didn’t know the answer off hand, but was kind of enough to check with his resources and give us this answer a few days afterwards:

…the ConfigurationNames property is an array (not a simple string) that specifies configurations (not the ‘s’) to be pulled by the target node.

The attendee’s rightful confusion lay in that we are told that nodes can have only one active DSC configuration. So why an array?

I asked an MVP about this and the response is that this property currently accepts a single value as we would logically expect. His quote was:

“Maybe someday the ConfigurationNames property will support more than a single value — but the challange in combining multiple configs into a single MOF is problematic. And to be honest, I’m really not sure it will be a good idea if they do this…it’s way to hard to troubleshoot.”

Hope this clears things up–or not. ;) The main point is to stay close to the DSC documentation because that’s where the product team’s answers (and non-answers) are officially recorded.

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